Sunday, September 26, 2010


Glamour Doll is going to be going through a label change in the beginning of 2011. The goal is to make processing time faster for customers so we need a new label design! The winning design will get a $100 gift certificate to AND a $100 gift certificate to either ulta, sephora or mac (your choice). $200 worth of make up, woohoo!!!

So here is what you have to do. Create a 1 inch label to be put on top of ALL shadow jars. I will need 2 labels, one without a place to put a shadow name and one with a place to put a shadow name, for example:

This is the label we have right now. I have a PSD template that doesn't have a name in it, so that I can just type in the name for any new colors that I create. This label obviously says Glamour Doll Eyes Shadows with a place for the name.

The first label I will need is one that just says Glamour Doll Eye Shadows or Glamour Doll Eyes, I will leave that up to you. Then I need another label that is similar, that has a spot to put the shadow name (like above). Both labels must be cohesive so that they will go together!

I am providing you with a template to use. All designs must reach the black outside line (this is called bleed) but all WORDS or things that will actually be displayed on the inside of the sticker must be inside of the blue line (please remember to remove the blue line before sending me your image).

The design itself is up to you. Something simple, professional (please remember, this is for an eye shadow company) and classy, nothing tacky or overboard. Colors, fonts and design will be left up to you! You can download the template here:

When you're finished with your label, email it to You can enter as many times as you would like. When emailing me, please only send the JPG so that were not sending in a ton of huge PSD files but be sure to keep the PSD just in case you win!

Contest will go on for one month, winner will be announced on October 24th!

Good luck!

Please remember, any images, fonts, shapes, etc you might use must not be copyrighted!

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