Sunday, May 1, 2011


Since the GDE label design contest was such a huge success, I figured why not host a website design contest? I like to change the website design up every few months, mainly seasons to match the feeling around you, so this time around, we're going to be doing summer!

The winning design will get a $100 gift certificate to AND a $100 gift certificate to either ulta, sephora, mac OR $100 paypal if you prefer cash. Not only will the winning banner be displayed on but you will also be designing the rest of the website as well as the business cards!!

So here is what you have to do: Create a banner for our website using some of the images provided. Your banner must be 800px in width and no larger than 350px in height. It must include some of the pictures in the zip files that I have provided. I want something bright and colorful for summer, the rest is up to you!

Be sure to keep your banner as a PSD (or whatever format you use for layers) so that you can create the rest of the website as well.

The design itself is up to you. Something simple, professional (please remember, this is for an eye shadow company) and classy, nothing tacky or overboard. Colors, fonts and design will be left up to you! I do prefer that the main banner is only one girl, however.

When you're finished with your design, email it to You can enter as many times as you would like. When emailing me, please only send the JPG so that were not sending in a ton of huge PSD files but be sure to keep the PSD just in case you win!

Contest will go on for one month, winner will be announced on June 1st!

Good luck!

Please remember, any images, fonts, shapes, etc you might use must not be copyrighted!

Zip 1, Zip 2, Zip 3, Zip 4!


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