Friday, December 23, 2011

Eco-Emi December 2011

Eco-Emi is a sample box that is more on the "green/vegan" side and doesn't include all beauty. I think most of the beauty I have ever gotten is from the same company (so they must be doing really good!). I don't live a green or vegan lifestyle (just being completely honest) so the contents of most boxes don't really appeal or apply to me and to be completely honest, I have only found one thing that I have really enjoyed out of the 10 months I have been subscribed.

Let us show you what is worth spending your hard earned money on! For only $15.00 a month we will mail you a minimum of five samples to your door wrapped in a chic earth friendly packaging. You will have the luxury of trying out the green world in the comfort of your own home.
You typically get more than 5 items, most are usually full size.

Here is what I got in my box:

Lets go through each individual item:

Genesis Today Vitamin C w/Zinc Chews - $3.67
I am just going to be honest and blunt. These taste like feet covered in lemon. Would not buy these, will not eat more than one.

John Masters Organics Face Cleaner and Body Wash - $1.94
I can't wait to try these, specially the blood orange and vanilla body wash. The full size prices are a little bit more on the expensive side, however.

Artisana Cacao Bliss Raw Chocolate Coconut Butter - $1.49
I actually thought this was something to cook with until I just looked it up but I guess its something kind of like Nutella. Everything about this sounds amazing, now I need to find something to eat it with!

Green Shield Organic Free & Clear Laundry Detergent - $0.16
Not a very good sample, a little small but we're always looking for laundry detergent that is hypo allergenic and good for HE machines. Seems fairly inexpensive in stores too so if we like it, it will be easy to find and cheap!!

Wyk Candles in "Whispering Pine" - $2.25
This doesn't say what size it is so I am guessing on the price. Smells like a Christmas tree met with vicks vapor rub. Only day I could see myself burning this is Christmas, so I will keep it until then!

Zambeezi Tangerine Lip Balm - $2.95
I like this, it has sort of a soothing sensation, might be the tangerine. Not a huge fan of the smell but it's not something that would stop me from using it. Very moisturizing. The shape is a little weird but that's no issue.

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lip Gloss in Winterberry - $8.00
This is definitely something I don't care for. When I first swatched it, it was very patchy. I thought maybe because it was it's first application it would be that way. A few days later, I tried it again but on my lips this time and still patchy. Very hard to apply. The color wasn't even at all. Took about 12 clicks just to get the product out the second time. Not something I would spend $8.00 on.

Patterned Footies by Maggies Functional Organics - $6.00
The second I saw these I knew they were meant for my mom, so I gave them to her.. Socks are socks so I don't think there's much to comment on about that.

The breakdown:
Box: Eco-Emi December 2011
Price: $15.00
Monetary Value: $26.46
Keeping subscription?: No.

Without the terrible gloss and the socks, this box wouldn't even be worth the $15.00 price tag. I am not a huge fan of Eco Emi, I always forget to unsubscribe or I figure if I wait until the next month and I am unhappy, I will unsubscribe but I never get around to it. I finally did yesterday and I am sad to say, that will be one less box that I will be receiving every month!

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