Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sample Box January 2012 Look!

I am a tad bit late with my sample box look this month but oh well, better late than never right?

There were more make up items in January so I was able to do almost a full look. Since the shadows I received were all light, I did a more subtle simple look and used the eye liner I received as a pop of color, which you can't tell in the pictures.

Here we go:

What I am using:

  • (Beauty Army) myface blingtone eye shadow in morococo - $20.00
  • (Beauty Army) LaROCCA Multi-Active Lip Balm in Proseco - $16.00
  • (Birchbox) stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Purple Tang - $20.00
  • (MyGlam) TheBalm Eye Shadow in Luscious Lani - $16.00
  • (MyGlam) Sheer Cover Concealer - $19.95
And here are some more images:

In the last image I have on:
Blossoms Lip Color & Shimmer with Aloe in Sunset - $8.99 (member price)
from my GoGoGirlfriend December Box. (DO NOT LIKE, took it off immediately!)

Opinions: I really enjoyed theBalm shadow, however, I feel it was relatively close to the shadow we got in the December MyGlam bag. I love neutrals so it was ok with me, I just would have liked something darker, or even the green they were also giving out. The blingtone shadow from BeautyArmy I could have done without. They're not joking when they said blingtone, it is like a glitter ball on crack. I feel it was a little too glittery for my age. I rather enjoyed the stila eye liner from birchbox. The color purple was great for my eyes, I don't typically go for purple but have been lately and I love it. The LaROCCA gloss is a great color, nice and baby pink and very moisturizing. The Sheer Cover I could also do without. It was a tad too dark for me and since I don't typically use face products, the concealer might be sitting in my collection for a while.

So there is my look, I hope you enjoyed.

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