Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Black Bag Round 1

I got my Little Black Bag the other day and I couldn't be anymore excited. This is the company where you get 3 items and then trade them back and forth until you have the items you want. Some people end up with 4-6 items a month!

Here is what I got in my box:

Lets go through each individual item:

Steve Madden Beaded Bangle - $15.00

This is one thing I wasn't really happy with. I tried to trade it out but no one wanted it so I ended up with it anyways. I can't really get it over my hand, and I never thought I had big hands before, so I am putting this in the March giveaway and hopefully someone else will love it.

ButterLondon Trout Pout - $14.00
This was a color that I had always wanted to get, I would have it in my hand but would go back and get something else and put it back. Then I would regret it and do it all over again. I am so glad I got this color and I can't wait to use it!

Matt & Nat Pebble Tri-Fold Wallet - $65.00
I. Love. This. Wallet. It is so my style, I love the zipper on it. The only thing I wish was that LBB would have pictures of the inside because it doesn't really "open up", the flat goes up and that's that. But I do love this wallet and so happy to have it!
The breakdown:
Box: Little Black Bag Round 1
Price: $54.90 (that includes shipping)
Monetary Value: $94.00
Keeping subscription?: Yes!

This is nothing something I will do every month so it is so insanely expensive but if I see something I like when it comes time to get my products, I will definitely do it. My picking time wasn't until April 1st but I went and looked and there was a Steve Madden purse I LOVED so I did open another bag but after this, I might not do it for a while (unless again I see something I have to have that is over the $55).

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