Friday, March 30, 2012

Makeup Show LA 2012

I was lucky enough to get a press pass to The Makeup Show LA this year (March 17 & 18) and had a blast. I went with Olivia and despite me picking a terrible hotel and fighting off the rain on day one, it was a great experience.

I am not a working make up artist or even a make up artist at all. I don't freelance, I just blog about beauty boxes and I make eye shadow. I didn't go there to shop nor did I know what to expect. This was my first year going (although I have been to IMATS many times) and again, had a blast. This isn't going to be much of a post, just pictures that I took while I was there. I didn't do any classes or anything so I don't have any wisdom to share, just pretty pictures and of course I will put little notes describing what they are!

WARNING: This is EXTREMELY pic heavy!

This was at the blogger preview event on Friday night. Patti Dubroff was also a speaker that night.

James Vincent

Patti Dubroff (and Sara from The Makeup Snob's head, love her!)

This is the stuff that came in my blogger bag :O

In the stage of getting my Minx done, which I didn't like and took off just a few days later.

Minx all done.

The top 2 are OCC lip tars and the bottom 3 are Lime Crime lip gloss.

Nix from Face Off Season 2!

Minx on Olivia and I.

Tara from Face Off Season 2, I was being a creeper.

Pursebuzz's Booth

I am a brush hoarder, I bought this travel eye set and its SOOOOO soft!!

Beauty Army!

This is Frank from Season 1 of Face Off

This is from the Eye Kandy booth and I have to say I am EXTREMELY turned off by them as a whole. As I was taking a picture of their booth, I overheard a conversation whoever was working at it was saying to a "customer" about how they're much better than this other company that was there that sold glitter (Lit). I thought that was just petty, competitive and disgusting of that person to blatantly put down a company like that. For being a part of such a beautiful thing as a beauty community to talk like that was just off putting. And I am not going by one time, I have heard this before from them, at IMATS before. Just gross. They should be focusing on what makes them unique rather than putting other companies down.

So I hope you enjoyed the pics of makeup porn! :)

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