Monday, March 26, 2012

TheLookBag March 2012

March TheLookBag was going to be a make it or break it for me and unfortunately, I think it is going to be a break it!

Here is what I go in my box(bag):

Lets go through each individual item:

Lady Strawberry Mirror Skin Soap - $0.??

This doesn't have any information with it on where it's from, who it's from apart from "Lady Strawberry" or what the size is. It smells just like a soap I get from GGG and I am not really thrilled with GGG right now so I am putting this in the March giveaway. This isn't saying that I don't like the soap cause it smells divine, I just don't need 100 more soaps!

Damone Roberts Brow Highlighter in Bling Bling - $20.00
When I saw this, I thought it was a brow gel and I got really excited because I need one of those. Alas, it's a brown highlighter. It's really pretty swatched though. And btw, I saw Damone at The MakeUp Show LA and he is GORGEOUS in real life. Much prettier than any of his pictures. And brows like whoa!!

Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Face Wash and Mask - $4.50
This is something that everyone was getting in their Beauty Army boxes and I could never get the darn thing to show up for me so I bought the full size during a sale. Now of course, I get a sample of it. I don't regret getting the full size cause this is AWESOME but now one of you can try it too!! I love using this stuff as a mask, I do it 1-2 times a week and it makes my face so soft! March giveaway item!

Franche Lip Luscious - $0.??
This doesn't have a size on it or anything but it is SO pretty!! I just tried it and the color is gorgeous but it tastes incredibly chemically. The color says its Ice Crystal but I don't see it on the website. Also, there isn't any information on the tube itself so if I got rid of the packaging, I would never know where it was from (unless of course you have a blog you can check back to).

Frownies Facial Patches - $0.??
I.. don't even know. I am so confused as to what this is or how to use it or how much it is. The CEO is gorgeous though!
The breakdown:
Bag: TheLookBag February 2012
Price: $10.00
Monetary Value: $24.50
Keeping subscription?: No.

Price does not include most of the items I received because they're either not marked, not priced or not even available. This subscription is just sort of a mish mosh of items and it's not really something I am looking for so I unsubscribed :(

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