Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Black Bag

Although Little Black Bag has been around for a while, I just found out about it and I am hooked!! I don't even know how I came across this site but I was intrigued.

So when you first get to the site, you take a quiz about what your likes are, just like any other service. Then you enter in your email address and they will put together a list of items they think you will like. When I signed up, I was like #858 on the wait list but I just had to invite 5 friends (which I just used 5 of my own email addresses because I don't like to bother people with that kinda stuff) and it showed me my choices automatically.

The items you can choose from vary from $100+ - $10. There are Butter London polishes, purses from Steve Madden, jewelry from Betsey Johnson, the selections go on for a long time. I chose a wallet that I really liked (with a retail value of $65).

They then add 2 more items to your "bag" that they think you like. Once you enter in your credit card information (they don't charge you until the stuff actually SHIPS so if you don't like the stuff you ultimately end up with, you can cancel and play along the next month) you get to see your choices. I got a pair of headphones and a watch.

I didn't like the headphones or the watch and the cool thing about this site is that you can trade items with other people on the site so that you ultimately get 3 items that you really love! I have gotten rid of the watch and the headphones. Although I am not completely crazy about the items I have now, I would be happy with them if I ended up with them.

Here are the items I have in my bag right now:

The value is $98 (unless I do some more trading) and all I have to pay once it ships is $49.99.

It is pretty expensive and I never thought I would like this sort of thing but oddly enough, its super addicting. I am always on there looking for new trades and checking to see what new trade I can "catch". You have 7 days from the day that you open your "bag" to trade your items and then on the 7th day, it will ship. If you don't like the items, you can cancel.

-- Get a bag of products, based on your style.
-- You pick the 1st item, our stylists will select the rest for you.
-- See what's in your bag & then trade with others - all online!

I know this sort of thing isn't for everyone but if you love accessories and have the means to do it, you should give it a try!!

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