Friday, April 13, 2012

Julep Maven April 2012

Julep Maven never ceases to amaze me! This time around, they allowed us to do an "add on" where you can add up to 2 polishes from any of the other boxes for only $4.99 EACH. Yes, $5 for a friggin awesome polish! I couldn't choose of course so I gave my husband the names and he picked them totally by name haha. I am so happy with their service.

I went with Bombshell this month because it had an orange and I don't have ANY orange polish!

Again, super happy with the packaging, so cute!

Polishes in Annette & Parker - $14.00 each

Annette is a subtle, dove grey (not the most unique polish and I have one just like it from Zoya so I am giving this in the April giveaway!). Parker is golden tangerine creme.

The Best Pedi Creme Ever! - $22.00 each
Exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids, hydrates with shea butter and coconut oil, nourishes with vitamin E. Apply nightly for noticeable results in just 1 to 2 uses. I am excited to try this as I have terrible feet!

The 2 colors I added on:

Polishes in Neicy & Mandy - $14.00 each
Neicy is a bright pink. Mandy is a fresh, bright, deep coral-pink.
The breakdown:
Bag: Julep Maven Classic with a Twist March 2012
Price: $29.97 (including the 2 add ons)
Monetary Value: $78.00
Keeping subscription?: Yes.

I can't sing enough praises to Julep! I really do love this program and suggest everyone to sign up. There is another coupon code to get your first month for a penny. Just go on over to Julep Maven (affiliated link), take the quiz, pick your box and put "PENNY" in the discount box and you get a box for $0.01, what's not to love!?

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