Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sircle Samples!

I was contacted by a sample company to have my products featured on their site and I thought you guys might enjoy this, since the main reason for my blog is sample boxes.

Sircle Samples isn't like your normal every day sample company, this one is FREE. You sign up, take surveys, add reviews and get points for your interactions. You can then take your "points", also called Sircle Coins, and purchase samples from companies.

When I joined, there was a nail polish, a moisturizer, a brush set and a face cream. They're JUST starting out so there aren't a lot of brands yet but this is the perfect time for you to start adding things and gaining up your points to get awesome things in the future.

You don't need tons of points to get things either, just for filling out your beauty profile you get 1000 points and most of the samples are in the 300-500 range, so you can get many samples and soon there will be some GDE shadows :)

Since they are new, the website is a little glitchy but you're not paying for anything so give them a few to work it out. Go on over to Sircle Samples and sign up! :)

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